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Man has always been associated with waterlife concentrated around its sources, human clusters with all aspects of life arose. Trials today water production and distribution they are accompanied by complicated devices and technological processes.

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Our company, Water Point has been operating on the market since 2004.

We are the sole distributor of world leaders in the industry in Poland.

We are currently selling products from companies: Acuva - UV LED lamps, Cosmetal - water dispensers, Elkay - drinkers and water springs, Metalco - small architecture, Singer Valve - a leader in the field of environmental monitoring, measurements (e.g. flow, pressure), data recording and regulation of the water supply network (e.g. reduction valves).

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Acuva Technologies

Company Acuva was founded in 2014. Its mission is to solve current problems, overcome barriers and face new challenges in providing safe drinking water. It specializes in water disinfection systems at the point of use, as well as in modular OEM applications. Currently, all Acuva systems are tested and implemented on almost all continents around the world.

Acuva Technologies Inc. is a world leader in technology UV-LED water disinfection. They design, develop and manufacture advanced UV-LED systems for modern and effective water disinfection. The company's goal is to provide access to safe, clean drinking water for people all over the world, thus ensuring a high quality of life for them.


Cosmetal was founded in 1951 as a small family-run workshop for metalworking and making components for the electronics industry.

In the following years, production is expanded by refrigeration products and, based on them, starts production water dispensers.

Currently, it is a manufacturer of a wide range of devices of this type, with the highest quality, modern technical and technological solutions and modern design, made of the best quality materials, guaranteeing customers many years of use.

Cosmetal products are sold to many countries around the world and are appreciated for their quality.


Company Elkay was established in 1920 in the northern suburbs of Chicago as a small workshop.

Since then, he has been working continuously production drinkers and water spasover the years, proving our care for the highest quality and standards.

It is now the world leader in this market, constantly expanding its offer for recipients, constantly expanding it with models equipped with the latest technical solutions such as: non-contact service, Green Tricker counter, etc.


Metalco it embodies style and continues to express the creative process that began with its first founding in 1984.

Today it is one of the largest producers small urban architecture in the world.

Metalco means Stylebecause the style in each product and in every detail makes Metalco different in its Design History, in the latest innovative technologies. Metalco is a combination of luxury aimed at ecological solutions.

The commercial success of Metalco is the result of continuous research and experimentation devoted to design, thanks also to the contribution of renowned architects and designers of international renown, to raw materials and the latest innovative technologies.

Singer Valve

Singer Valve designs and manufactures automatic regulating valves for the global water industry.

Since 1957, our pilot operated diaphragm control valves have been installed in virtually every continent around the world.

Whether it's water loss management in Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia's water protection issues, or the US municipal distribution needs, we provide water management solutions to governments, cities, businesses and contractors around the world .

Many of our innovative products are born out of an inherent desire to solve an application problem.

Problem presented, our team of specialists in electronics, instrumentation and control valves are relentless in their research and design until a solution is found.

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