Water pressure reducer

April 28 2020

Water pressure reducer

Water pressure reducer, regulation with filter and pressure gauge. Pressure changes water occurring in a water system often result, among others, from an incorrectly designed water system or occur at night, when less water intake causes an increase in its pressure in the pipes, which may damage the system and devices connected to it, and expose the user to unnecessary costs.

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Installing the water pressure reducer will reduce the supply pressure that is too high, keep the system pressure constant, also in the event of inlet pressure fluctuations, help to save water by preventing its excessive flow, eliminate the risk of water hammer and reduce noise and noises generated during the operation of the water system.

Water pressure regulators are mounted behind water meter i water filter on the main power cord. They can also be installed in zones on the pipes of heaters and tanks, but this is a solution used only when access to the main connection is not possible.

It is mounted before and after the regulator shut-off valves, enabling its setting and subsequent maintenance. The device is installed vertically.

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The water pressure reducer can be installed in different places of the water system:

  • central assembly - after the water meter, main valve and filter on the main power cord. During installation, remember about the flow calming section behind the regulator and about installing the regulator after flushing the installation. Setting a base pressure for the entire system saves water.
  • zone assembly - on the supply lines of closed water heaters and storage tanks, when the purpose of installing the water pressure reducer is to avoid opening the safety valve in the event of fluctuations in operating pressure. This allows the frequency of heater activation to be reduced.
  • distracted - only in the boiler installation zone and with simultaneous use of heads with thermostats. The phenomenon of pressure bridge may appear here, which will cause unsealing of the safety valve. In this case, pressure reducers have to regulate the flow of hot and cold water.
  • - in supply systemse.g. high-rise buildings, through pressure booster systems, where more pressure zones are needed. Water pressure reducers are used when the resting pressure in the system exceeds 5 bar or when the resting pressure upstream of the safety valve (e.g. a water heater) exceeds 80% of its opening pressure.

The water pressure in the pipes should be adjusted to the capabilities of the devices and systems included in the water installation. Water pressure too high may cause damage or malfunction of the system, therefore a water pressure reducer is installed in the water system.

The working element of each reducer is a special one membrane responsible for how the water pressure reducer works in a water system.

When too strong a jet of water acts on membrane in the reductor, the spring is lifted, which increases the seal and allows the required water pressure to be achieved. When the pressure drops below the set level, the spring drops, allowing the water to flow.

There are various, often complex, solutions used in the market but by analyzing rwater pressure eductor operating principle each is unchangeable: the diaphragm, seal and valve work together to keep the outlet pressure at a safe level.

Often, the purchase of a water pressure reducer becomes a necessity, because its use protects the water system against failures caused by too high pressure and is a way to reduce water losses in the system.

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The water pressure reducer is used when:

  • system operating pressure exceeds the permissible value
  • the pressure upstream of the safety valve exceeds 80% of the valve opening pressure
  • periodic use of the installation may pose a risk of temporary overpressure
  • resting pressure in the installation exceeds 5 bar

Water pressure regulators are desirable where existing network pressure (Water supply) is too high for the plant or equipment or is subject to periodic fluctuations.

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On sale you can find devices of various designs and made of various materials:

  • Cartridge (cartridge) reducer it has a brass body with connections and a one-piece cartridge with a mesh filter and a seal. This design allows the insert to be removed with a protective mesh for cleaning. The entire water pressure reducing mechanism is inside the cartridge so maintenance will not change the pressure setting.
  • stainless steel reducers they are less resistant to corrosion processes than brass reducers. The latter are more expensive, but will perform better with higher water consumption.
  • 1 inch water pressure reducer, ¾ reducer or 1/2 water pressure reducer is selected depending on the diameter of the supply pipe. The durability of smaller reducers is the same as for the larger ones, and properly selected they will last up to several years.
  • water pressure reducer with filter it is a very good solution in installations without other filters. Each filter used protects the installation against mechanical damage and even if it is damaged, the replacement of the reducer is much simpler and cheaper than removing the failure in the entire water installation or replacing the devices operating in it. It is important that regular cleaning is performed with the filter mesh installed upstream of the water pressure reducer.
  • water pressure reducer with pressure gauge built-in or external makes it easier to use and increases the convenience of using the water system, giving a quick reading of the actual pressure in the water system.
  • water pressure reducer with filter and pressure gauge is a comprehensive solution and very convenient to use.

Cheaper models of regulators have a factory preset pressure. If you choose the more expensive water pressure reducer, you can adjust and change the parameters of the device manually.

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