UV LED lamps for water purification

UV LED lamps - learn about effective and user-friendly REVOLUTIONARY water purification technology!

How to clean the water?

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind is to let it go through some filtr.

Dirt will stay on the filter and we will get clean water.

However, what to do in a situation where the water seems to be clean, and its contents contain potentially harmful, even dangerous to our health viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms?

Just passing it through the filter will do nothing. In this case, the water must be cleanedand not just filter.

Don't filter the water - clean it!

Cleaning, treatment or disinfection is a seemingly complicated process that can be performed, for example, with the use of chemicals.

Many of them adversely affect the natural environment, in particular aquatic organisms. We also do not want to poison ourselves with chemicals and consume unpalatable water with a smell reminiscent of the interior of a pharmacy.

So what to use?

You can ozone. Ozone treatment effectively cleans and is neutral to the taste of water. However, it is difficult to imagine water ozonation at home.

So, how quickly, cheaply, effectively, in an environmentally friendly and tasteless way to clean water at home… at a campsite, on a yacht, in the office and in a shop?

Acuva UV LED lamps

We present you a technologically advanced company Acuva. We are the exclusive and direct distributor of Acuva products on the Polish market.

Acuva are water purification kits using UV LED lamps. These are the latest generation products designed in Canada.


Purification of water using Acuva systems is even 100 times more effective than using competing methods.

Moreover, the use of UV LED lamps makes Acuva products an ideal solution not only for home and office, but also great for purifying water on a yacht or in a motorhome.

Water purification using Acuva UV-LED is based on the latest technical knowledge and very ecological. No chemicals, such as chlorine, are introduced into the water.

deletes 99,9999% of bacteria viruses and pathogens

The water only undergoes disinfection, as a result of which 99,9999% of bacteria, viruses and all other pathogens are removedthat can cause health problems and which will easily get through any traditional water filter.

UV LED lamps

They use Acuva UV LED water purifiers, we can consume water from mountain streams and lakes without fear that we will get sick from the consumption of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms living in the water. UV LED lamps will kill viruses, incl SARS-COV-2and bacteria that can cause stomach problems.

UV LED lamps

Water purification using UV-LED lamps does not affect its taste. Bacteria, viruses and pathogens die, but the water composition does not change. No substance is introduced, so the water tastes exactly the same as it did before it was cleaned. Its smell and color do not change either. The Acuva UV-LED purifier does nothing more than illuminate it.

Water purification consists in treating it with short wavelengths, between 250 and 280 nm. Such exposure causes the DNA of microorganisms living in the water to break down. As a result, the water is purified. 99,9999% of all bacteria, viruses and other pathogens die.

Disinfection technologies using UV lamps are currently undergoing intensive development and are more and more often used in various areas of the economy.

However, you do not even need to know this, because using Acuva UV LED systems is very easy. You don't have to handle anything complicated. You don't need to remember anything. The Acuva UV LED water purifiers are used in the same way as a normal tap.

UV LED lamps

Moreover, Acuva UV-LED water purification systems are compact in size. They take up very little space, so they are perfect for caravans, campers and on ships, boats and yachts.

UV LED lamps

They can be easily used in summer houses, shops, offices, restaurants, as well as single and multi-family houses.

UV LED lamps

Unlike water filters, UV-LED lamps are virtually maintenance-free.

You don't need to clean or replace anything. Nothing clogs up. It is not necessary to control the level of dirt in the filter. Here, the UV-LED lamp shines on the water.

The use of LED fluorescent lamps is also a big plus for the user. It has a positive effect on the maintenance-free operation of the entire water treatment system.

Service life of 10+ years

It has a long warranty and a lifetime. Conventional bulbs need to be replaced regularly. LED fluorescent lamps have a 10+ year warranty, do not heat up, work immediately after switching on and do not burn out.

In contrast to the lamps made in traditional technology, the Acuva UV-LED product is also more environmentally friendly, as there is no mercury in LED lamps.

UV-LED also has a much lower electricity consumption than a UV system based on traditional mercury bulbs. Acuva UV-LED systems are adapted to be powered by batteries. They can be connected to a 12V power supply as well as AC DC.

Acuva offers products adapted to almost any type of use. From the wide range of UV-LED water purifiers, you can choose devices, e.g. with a capacity of 5 liters per minute and a service life of 900 liters.

Stop worrying about bottled water in your yacht or caravan. Use off-line water and clean it before drinking using the Acuva UV-LED disinfection system. Enjoy spotlessly clean tap water on your boat and in your RV or holiday home without mains water.

Choosing water purification systems Acuva UV-LED you choose the highest quality products that provide the cleanest, sterile water for your home, boat or motorhome.

UV LED lamps vs. UV lamps

Conventional UV water treatment technique uses UV mercury lamps. However, there are serious concerns about the environmental impact and performance limitations of UV lamps.