Do you need a water dispenser in fitness clubs, gyms? The Water Point company offers non-cylinder water dispensers, drinkers, the source of world leaders in the industry, of which we are the exclusive distributor in Poland.

Sports activities and any physical exercise cause our body to lose quickly water and valuable minerals contained in it. That is why it is so important to regularly replenish these ingredients and take care of the body's water and mineral balance.

This facilitates unlimited access to clean and fresh water during physical exertion. Properly filtered, clean water rich in natural minerals can be constantly available in fitness clubs and gyms thanks to modern drinking water dispensers.

People who use fitness clubs as well as people working there will surely appreciate the taste and freshness of the constantly available water from the dispenser.


Cylinder-free drinking water dispensers connected directly to the water supply system allow for continuous and trouble-free use of clean water during fitness classes or breaks between them.

The modern design of the available dispensers, perfectly matching any interior of fitness clubs and gyms, is an additional advantage here.

Such devices can be located in any space of the fitness club, for example in a place intended for relaxation or directly in the gym.

It is already known that in order to maintain health and a healthy figure, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and during exercise, the body's need for water increases significantly and the amount of it should be increased.

Water is involved in all biochemical processes in our body. Adequate hydration of the body allows you to work and exercise effectively. Drinking water during exercise significantly improves the body's efficiency and facilitates training. The amount of water drunk during fitness classes depends on the length and intensity of exercise, as well as the ambient temperature.

For people who train, the place where they train, its atmosphere and equipment are also important. Today, more and more attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle, so attention is paid to whether the restaurant is able to provide additional comfort, i.e. fresh water available during training.

Aquality water dispenser

The drinking water distributor is able to meet such expectations, thus increasing the attractiveness and prestige of the premises.

The water dispenser replaces the traditional solution of bottled mineral water. Drinking water dispensers are set up in companies, gyms and fitness clubs to increase the comfort of staying in these places, and the highest quality materials used in the production of these devices additionally make them a decoration of rooms.

The water supplied is always fresh and clean.

Drinking water dispensers are an ecological and cheap to operate solution and therefore they appear more and more often in public spaces, institutions, offices and in fitness clubs and gyms.

Modern technologies used in the construction of the dispensers allow for extremely easy operation.